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Start Programming with Python

Raspberry Pi Foundation

This three-part program explored a range of programming concepts – starting by asking "what is a program?". Over the three courses you not only learned how to create programs – by writing code that gives instructions, 'makes decisions' and 'loops' – but also to think more like a computer scientist by splitting your programs up into smaller, easier-to-understand parts. You used everyday experiences to think about how data is structured and learned how to 'debug' your programs when they aren't working properly.

Certificates of Achievement

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Learning outcomes

  • Explored key computing concepts, such as sequence, selection, repetition, abstraction and decomposition
  • Produced your own Python programs to solve simple problems
  • Synthesised pre-created functions (often in standard libraries) and your own code to achieve your aims
  • Demonstrated how to use Python to store and retrieve persistent data

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Start Programming with Python