Become a Project Manager

Project managers ensure that projects run smoothly and finish on time and on budget. Find out what skills you need to become a project manager and get your career started with online project management courses from top universities.

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What skills do you need to become a project manager?

  • Organisation

    As a project manager, you’ll learn to manage time, budgets, expectations, paperwork and even people. So you’ll need to be organised.

  • Calmness

    In every project, things can go wrong. Staying calm and getting things back on track is a vital part of project management.

  • Communication

    If a project gets difficult, you’ll need to learn negotiation and communication skills to resolve any conflicts.

  • Empathy

    Professional project managers work with people from diverse backgrounds in diverse industry. Being able to empathise with them is key.

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What do people say about these project management courses?

"I found the course to be very well presented and a great refresher, or perhaps an introduction for those that haven't studied project management before. Overall, for such a short course, it was crammed with content and a good opportunity for people who want to see if this is a subject they'd like to investigate further."

"The course really helped me take a step back from my mentoring programme and see that it needs a lot more structure and focus if it is to succeed. I’ve been creating a project report with a Gantt chart to show current progress and future progress needed, and I’ve been looking at risk management and how we will measure success too."

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