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Mary Templeman Hogg - O'Rourke

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Global Tourism Development Trends

Nankai University and The Global Travel and Tourism Partnership (GTTP)

This course introduced the historical tourism development from global, regional, and local perspective. Some current issues on tourism development in China such as inbound, outbound, and domestic tourism development were also examined. Implications and development opportunities were also discussed.

5 weeks, 4 hours per week

Hanqin Qiu

Professor of International Tourism

Nankai University

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Learning outcomes

  • Assess how the tourism industry started globally, and then move to the development trends of tourism in Asia
  • Discuss the historial tourism development in China since its open door policy in 1978
  • Classify different stages of tourism development based on their characteristics at different stages of economic, social, and political development
  • Assess the current issues on tourism development such as smart tourism, medical tourism, and sustainability of tourism
  • Apply your understanding of the tourism industry from global, regional, and local perspectives into the daily operation of the tourism business


  • Tourism Development: Past, Present, And Future
  • The Belt and Road Initiative: Building A New Pattern of International Tourism
  • Tourism Development in China
  • Sustainable Tourism Planning and Tourism Impacts
  • Medical Tourism
  • Perception of Risk and Travel Decisions
  • Smart Tourism
  • Regional and global case examples

Issued on 31st October 2019

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Global Tourism Development Trends

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