Certificate of Achievement

keith twort

has completed the following course:

Explore Animation

National Film and Television School

This course explored animation, including stop motion, 2D, pixilation and 3D. Participants were required to undertake a number of small scale production exercises to demonstrate their understanding and to contribute to discussions on the various types of animation.

4 weeks, 3 hours per week

Jon Wardle

Deputy Director

National Film and Television School


Learning outcomes

  • Experiment with a variety of animation techniques
  • Explore ideas about how animation works
  • Produce short animations and share them with others
  • Reflect upon own work and that of others


  • how stopmotion animation works
  • how cel animation works
  • how pixilation animation works and the use of big scale animation
  • CGI or 3D animation

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Issued on 14th July 2016

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Explore Animation

National Film and Television School