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Nathanael Dore Chimi Chimi

has completed the following course:

Health Systems Strengthening

The University of Melbourne and The Nossal Institute for Global Health

This online course explored health systems concepts, structure, function and approaches to strengthening health systems. Topics covered included health systems frameworks, equity in health, health financing, health workforce, supply chains, quality of care and managing mixed health systems.

8 weeks, 3 hours per week

Professor Barbara McPake

Director, Nossal Institute for Global Health

The University of Melbourne

Professor Stefan Swartling Peterson

Chief of Health and Associate Director, Programme Division,


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Learning outcomes

  • Develop knowledge and skills in health systems strengthening (HSS), to improve outcomes for disadvantaged women and children.
  • Apply complex systems thinking in the design and implementation of HSS interventions.
  • Evaluate HSS interventions for their evidence base, sustainability and capacity to support universal health coverage.


  • Health system structures, functions and components, and how they interact.
  • How to use evidence, and analysis of inequity, to drive interventions to strengthen health systems.
  • Strengthening health systems through action in areas such as health policy, financing, human resources, supply chain management, quality of care and private sector engagement.
  • Using complex systems thinking to address health system problems.

Issued on 4th July 2021

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Health Systems Strengthening

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