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Certificate of Achievement

Sarah Elizabeth Neville

has completed the following course:

A Short Introduction to Transforming Care


This online course outlined a structured approach that has been tried and tested and proven able to overcome the major obstacles in the process of bringing children out of institutions and into the family and family-like care they deserve. The course involved discussion with participants from all over the world.

4 weeks, 2 hours per week


Georgette Mulheir

Chief Executive


overall score


Learning outcomes

  • Develop a high-level programme that safely and effectively transforms care of children in institutions
  • Contribute to the safe and effective planning of a high-level programme of transforming care for children in institutions
  • Explain the harm done by institutions to children's development, safety and wellbeing
  • Explain the challenges and risks inherent in transforming an institutional care system
  • Develop a vision for an alternative to institutions involving family and community-based services for children and families
  • Explain the importance of children and young people participating in transforming care
  • Explain the relevance of child protection and child rights in relation to transforming care
  • Explain the relevance of the social model of disability in securing the best outcomes for children with disabilities in the transforming care process
  • Identify where you need more support and information in implementing care transformation in practice


Week 1 - What are institutions and why do they proliferate?
The harm caused by institutions
Family and community-based care alternatives
The 10 elements of Lumos’ methodology
The challenges and risks inherent in transforming care
Key principles of transforming care

Week 2 - How to plan effectively for transforming care
Element 1: Behaviour Change Communications
Element 2: Advocacy to Influence Legislative and Financial Reform with Governments and Donors
Element 3: Strategic Review
Element 4: Design of Services

Week 3 - How can we place children at the centre of decisions we make about their care?
Element 5: Redirecting Resources
Child and youth participation
Children’s rights and child protection
Element 6: Assessment, Planning and Preparation of Individual Children
The social model of disability

Week 4 - Putting care transformation into practice
Element 7: Workforce Development and Deployment
Element 8: Managing the Process
Element 9: Planning Logistics, Administration, and Management
Element 10: Monitoring and Evaluation

Issued on 15th March 2019

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A Short Introduction to Transforming Care