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Richard Allen

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Liver Transplant: the Ins and Outs

University of Birmingham

This online course explored the science and medicine behind liver transplants. The course covered the cellular constituents, anatomy and functions of the liver; the surgery itself; and ethical issues such as organ allocation. It included input from scientists, clinicians, surgeons and patients.

3 weeks, 3 hours per week


Dr Patricia F. Lalor

Senior Lecturer

University of Birmingham

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Learning outcomes

  • Apply new knowledge of the structure and function of the liver to understand the signs of disease.
  • Assess the major reasons for liver transplantation.
  • Compare the stages of the operation to remove a diseased liver and insert a new one.
  • Collect information about the history of liver transplantation and key transplant pioneers.
  • Apply knowledge to understand how patients are cared for after the operation.
  • Assess future alternatives to transplantation.


  • The anatomy and cellular constituents of the liver and liver functions.
  • The basis of diagnostic tests for liver disease, and major causes of liver disease.
  • The process of liver transplantation including ethical considerations and organ allocation.
  • The history of liver transplantation +Future advances in the field of liver transplantation and treating liver disease.

Issued on 3rd December 2017

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Liver Transplant: the Ins and Outs

University of Birmingham