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Randal Oulton

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Food Safety and Nutrition: A Global Approach to Public Health

University of Leeds

This course provided insights into the connections between global food safety and nutrition. Learners identified what it means for food to be safe and explored instances where food safety had been compromised. Learners considered innovations designed to monitor and regulate food safety on a global scale. Learners also identified how nutrient intake contributes to human health and examined nutrient deficiences on a global scale. They assessed the role of research in improving nutritional intake.

3 weeks, 3 hours per week

Professor Yun Yun Gong

Professor in Food Safety and Global Health,

University of Leeds

Professor Caroline Orfila

Professor of Plant Biochemistry and Human Nutrition,

University of Leeds

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Learning outcomes

  • Identify common key food safety issues and their prevalence globally
  • Describe the impact of climate, population and industrial change on current and future food safety
  • Explain the common characteristics, assessment methods and impact associated with food scares, scandals and chronic exposures
  • Engage with research into mitigating the risks of food safety issues and debate a topical food safety issue
  • Identify the relationship between macronutrient and micronutrient intake and health
  • Discuss nutritional challenges and identify those relevant in your own context
  • Engage with current research into developing sustainable and innovative approaches to meeting global nutrient needs


Week 1:

  • How do we keep the world’s food safe?
  • How do we define nutrients and nutrient requirements?
  • How are food safety and nutrition connected?

Week 2:

  • What are the global challenges to food safety?
  • Global food scares and scandals
  • Hidden global challenges and chronic exposures

Week 3:

  • What are the global challenges in food and health?
  • Macronutrients: A question of quality and balance
  • Micronutrient deficiency: Solutions to a global challenge

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Issued on 15th August 2021

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Food Safety and Nutrition: A Global Approach to Public Health

University of Leeds