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Frank Kembery

has completed the following course:

An Introduction to the Nordoff Robbins approach to Music Therapy

Nordoff Robbins

You have gained an understanding of how music therapy works today, and how the practice has developed over the last half-century. Exploring your own relationship with music along the way, you discovered the key elements of how music therapy works and can help in a range of settings.

6 weeks, 3 hours per week

Matthew Dixon

Music Therapist

Nordoff Robbins


Learning outcomes

  • Summarise the core principles underlying Nordoff Robbins music therapy
  • Compare the ideas presented in the course to your own experience of music making
  • Critique older Nordoff Robbins ideas and literature in the context of the culture of their time, and compare to more recent developments
  • Debate the implications of music therapy ideas and practice for wider society, particularly the roles available to disabled and disadvantaged people
  • Evaluate the salient musical details that contribute to a particular musical interaction
  • Reflect on the nature of music, its place in human development, individual experience, society and culture
  • Develop your understanding of music therapy further, and engage with the wider world of practice, opportunities and literature in music therapy


  • Exploring your relationship to music
  • Exploring the role of music within music therapy​ and the Nordoff Robbins approach
  • Looking at the early work of Nordoff and Robbins in developing this approach​
  • Exploring how this approach to music therapy has evolved to meet the needs of our changing world

Issued on 27th February 2022

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An Introduction to the Nordoff Robbins approach to Music Therapy

Nordoff Robbins