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Certificate of Achievement

Randal Oulton

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Introduction to Food Science

EIT Food and Queen's University Belfast

This course explored the term food integrity, where topics surrounding the ethical and sustainability issues of food production were covered. Through discussions and learning, the course looked at how consumers are protected by legislation, but how it is also their responsibility to ensure food is safe for consumption. The learning provided the tools to become change agents in the transition towards a smart, inclusive and trusted food system.

4 weeks, 4 hours per week

Maarten van der Kamp

Director of Education

EIT Food

Michaela Fox


Queen's University Belfast


Learning outcomes

  • Demonstrate knowledge and understanding of the term food integrity
  • Explore ethical and sustainability issues surrounding food production
  • Assess how the consumer is protected by legislation
  • Explain how food can become contaminated by biological, chemical or physical hazards
  • Identify the role of the consumer in ensuring food safety and becoming change agents in the transition towards a smart, inclusive and trusted food system
  • Reflect on the work organisations are doing in relation to food safety e.g. EFSA


● Food Constituents

● The link between diet and health

● Food Integrity (food quality, safety and authenticity)

● Ethical and sustainability considerations in the food system

● The role of the consumer in making safe, healthy and sustainable food choices

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Issued on 28th October 2020

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