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Certificate of Achievement

Marie-Claire Cruz Schwarz

has completed the following course:

Working with Translation: Theory and Practice

Cardiff University

This online course explored the nature and practice of translation. Drawing on the latest research and with input from a variety of professionals, it covered the definition of translation, the role of the translator, where translation takes place, and the nature of quality in translation.

4 weeks, 4 hours per week


Loredana Polezzi

Professor of Translation Studies

Cardiff University


Learning outcomes

  • Explore the variety of definitions of translation and their implications, as well as common misconceptions.
  • Collaborate with other learners to share examples of translation and interpreting drawn from daily life, and put them into context.
  • Describe the diverse roles of translators, interpreters and localisers.
  • Reflect on the spaces in which translation takes place and their bearing on practice.
  • Design a commission or briefing for a translator/interpreter, ensuring that all the necessary components are in place.
  • Evaluate differing conceptions of "quality" in translation.


  • Definitions and metaphors of translation
  • Varieties of translation, for example: phonetic, interlingual and cultural translation
  • Translators in history
  • The role of translators
  • Professional ethics and codes of conduct
  • Where translation takes place
  • Writing a successful translation commission
  • The nature of quality in translation

Issued on 17th November 2016

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Free online course:

Working with Translation: Theory and Practice

Cardiff University