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Improve your IELTS Speaking score

Macquarie University

This course works through examples of good and great responses to each of the speaking tasks in the IELTS, and unpacks them with you so that test takers can understand how to achieve their desired score.

2 weeks, 3 hours per week

Dr. Pamela Humphreys

Director, Macquarie University English Language Centre

Macquarie University


Learning outcomes

  • Understand how the examiner will assess your responses
  • Identify the difference between good and great responses
  • Develop strategies & techniques to improve your Fluency, Vocabulary, Grammar & Pronunciation
  • Feel more confident and better prepared to achieve your desired IELTS Speaking score


  • Language you need for each part of the test
  • How you will be assessed
  • Speaking more clearly
  • Improving your fluency
  • Enhancing your vocabulary
  • Using better grammar
  • Practicing with peers

Issued on 25th July 2020

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Improve your IELTS Speaking score

Macquarie University