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Mary Templeman Hogg - O'Rourke

has completed the following course:

Teaching Entrepreneurial Thinking

Queensland University of Technology

Instead of teaching students to simply solve well-structured problems, we need to help them think differently so they can address complex, ill-structured problems of the future. In this course, you have learnt the value of teaching entrepreneurial thinking, and identified three types of entrepreneurship. You have also reflected on the possible pedagogical application of entrepreneurial thinking and developed a plan to incorporate at least one type of entrepreneurship into your teaching context.

2 weeks, 1 hour per week


Dr James Davis, PhD

Lecturer and Entrepreneurship Leader, Faculty of Education, QUT

Queensland University of Technology


Learning outcomes

  • Discuss why entrepreneurial thinking is an important skill for students to learn
  • Identify the type of entrepreneurial thinking that best suits your teaching context and learner cohort
  • Produce a plan for teaching entrepreneurial thinking


  • What is entrepreneurial thinking?
  • Where does entrepreneurial thinking sit within the Australian Curriculum and why should we teach it?
  • What are the types of entrepreneurship?
  • How could entrepreneurial thinking be applied in your classroom?

Issued on 17th January 2022

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Teaching Entrepreneurial Thinking

Queensland University of Technology