Certificate of Achievement

Mary Templeman Hogg - O'Rourke

has completed the following course:

Making Babies in the 21st Century

UCL (University College London)

Each week of the course introduced a new and challenging array of ethical choices that prospective parents have to understand and in relation to which they have to take a stand. The course is designed to introduce the scientific and theoretical concepts, and then allow learners to use the facts provided to make up their own minds about what the right course of action is for them.

6 weeks, 2 hours per week


Dan Reisel

Senior Research Associate

UCL (University College London)


Learning outcomes

  • Following the course, learners will be able to synthesise information from a number of different fields.
  • Critically assess the accuracy and value of information about assisted fertility that is provided in the public domain (i.e., on the internet).
  • Be able to confidently contribute to the vital societal conversation around the use of reproductive and genetic technologies.
  • Demonstrate knowledge of the science and ethics-legal aspects of assisted fertility.
  • Develop a deeper understanding of the ways in which fertility medicine is changing the way babies are born and the way families are constructed.
  • Be able to explain how each of the technologies covered in the course are changing the way people think about fertility and families.
  • Be able to reflect critically on the advantages and disadvantages of the new reproductive technologies.


The topics of the course are listed below.

  • Regulation of donor gametes (egg and sperm)
  • Fertility preservation (egg freezing)
  • Donor anonymity and parental disclosure
  • International surrogacy agreements, including surrogacy
  • Genetic testing of embryos and early in pregnancy
  • The prospect of human genome editing

Issued on 17th January 2022

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Making Babies in the 21st Century

UCL (University College London)