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Vimala V M

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Introducing Assessment for Learning

National STEM Learning Centre

This online course explored practical ways to embed formative practices in the classroom, focusing on how to create classroom interactions that encourage discussion and draw out student’s ideas. Learners were introduced to the key concepts of assessment for learning and decision-driven data-collection. The course looked at strategies to help reveal learners’ thinking through intentional dialogue and hinge-point questions.

3 weeks, 3 hours per week

Matt Cornock

Online CPD Coordinator

National STEM Learning Centre

Karen Hornby

Online CPD Educational Lead

National STEM Learning Centre


Learning outcomes

  • Identify the main principles of assessment for learning
  • Reflect on the role of intentional dialogue in supporting teaching in a formative way
  • Develop your use of hinge-point questions to elicit evidence from students
  • Collaborate with peers, educators and mentors to try out activities and share thinking, in order to develop your teaching practice


  • Key principles of assessment for learning
  • Intentional dialogue as a form of evidence of students’ understanding
  • Hinge-point questions to respond to students’ learning

Introducing Assessment for Learning provides the starting point for your professional development, from which our subsequent courses will build:

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Issued on 10th November 2020

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Introducing Assessment for Learning

National STEM Learning Centre