Certificate of Achievement

Michelle Eckles

has completed the following course:

Mindfulness for Wellbeing and Peak Performance

Monash University

This online course explored the science of mindfulness and how mindfulness techniques can improve personal wellbeing and help achieve peak performance in study or at work. The course introduced a range of practical mindfulness exercises which learners were encouraged to use and reflect upon.

6 weeks, 3 hours per week


Dr Craig Hassed

Monash University

Dr Richard Chambers

Monash University



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Learning outcomes

  • Identify the causes of stress in your life
  • Experiment with a range of mindfulness techniques
  • Develop a range of mindfulness techniques that are effective in your life
  • Evaluate the impact of a variety of mindfulness techniques
  • Reflect on your experiences in a personal mindfulness journal
  • Model a more mindful approach to work, study and life


  • The problem of unmindfulness
  • Research on mindfulness
  • Mindful stress reduction and managing emotions
  • Improving work and study performance
  • Mindfulness in memory and learning
  • Cultivating self-compassion and emotional health
  • Mindful communication
  • Relationships and empathy
  • Mindfulness as a way of life

Issued on 28th October 2016

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Mindfulness for Wellbeing and Peak Performance

Monash University