Certificate of Achievement

James Stamp

has completed the following course:

Begin Programming: Build Your First Mobile Game

University of Reading

This online course explored the basics of Java programming and mobile game development on Android.

5 weeks, 4 hours per week


Richard Mitchell

Professor of Cybernetics

University of Reading


Learning outcomes

  • Compile and run a java application on a mobile phone or emulator
  • Modify java code
  • Identify and use different data types and Java programming constructs
  • Develop a simple program in Java to run on a mobile phone


Week 1:

  • An introduction to the course, programming and the development environment for building the mobile game.
  • Setting up the software
  • Setting up the testing environment for your game

Week 2:

  • Debugging and operators.
  • Different data types and variables
  • Introduction to operators
  • Applying variables and operators to the game
  • Modifying the game to change the speed of the ball and moving the ball to a position specified by user.

Week 3:

  • Conditional statements and comments.
  • Array variables and looping constructs.
  • Modifying the program to make the ball stay on the screen and adding a control paddle for the user.
  • Modifying the game to include multiple target objects for the ball to bounce from. The target objects are implemented using arrays and accessed using ‘for’ loops.

Week 4:

  • How to decide which algorithm is required to solve more complex tasks.
  • Considering which algorithm to implement, to modify the game.
  • Functions or methods – separate parts of a program.
  • Modifying the program using functions to replace any repeated code.

Week 5:

  • Consolidation of the course – analysing the game.
  • Considering the process behind implementing another game.

Issued on 31st March 2021

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Begin Programming: Build Your First Mobile Game

University of Reading