Certificate of Achievement

Paul Sutton

has completed the following course:

Teaching Programming in Primary Schools

Raspberry Pi Foundation

This course introduced key programming concepts and the chance to apply them using Scratch, for primary or K-5 teachers.

4 weeks, 2 hours per week


Philip Colligan

Chief Executive Officer

Raspberry Pi Foundation

Carrie Anne Philbin

Director of Education

Raspberry Pi Foundation



  • Introduction to programming, explore algorithms, and apply understanding in a range of hands-on, cross-curricular Scratch projects.
  • Explore repetition, and learn how to make use of repetition in your Scratch programs. Create your own art, music, making and animation using repeating patterns.
  • Discover variables through real-world examples and learn how to create variables by making a voting app, an interactive story and a ghost-catching game.
  • Explore the concept of selection by creating a ‘capital cities’ quiz and a program that classifies animals based on answers to yes/no questions.
  • Reflect on all of the key programming concepts to create your own final challenge project.

Issued on 19th June 2018

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Teaching Programming in Primary Schools

Raspberry Pi Foundation