Certificate of Achievement

Lic. Carlos Francisco Mallmann

has completed the following course:

Developing Expert Educators for Healthcare Professions

The University of Nottingham

This course equipped learners with skills to teach in healthcare. It did so by engaging them in evidence-based educational strategies and participation in critical reflection over existing practice. Learners connected with one another and shared experiences across different teaching contexts.

6 weeks, 3 hours per week

Rakesh Patel

Clinical Associate Professor in Medical Education

The University of Nottingham


Learning outcomes

  • Reflect on and articulate the meaning of effective instruction in the healthcare professions context
  • Justify the validity and reliability of a given assessment or programme of assessment
  • Explain the core elements of ‘good’ feedback
  • Describe the rationale for ensuring constructive alignment across a curriculum
  • Explore the influence of group dynamics on the learning environment
  • Identify the role of motivation in effective learning
  • Identify appropriate evidence-based learning strategies for use in the classroom or clinical workplace
  • Identify common methods and approaches to assessment used in healthcare professions education


Week 1

  • What factors affect motivation and why is motivation so important for effective learning?
  • What are effective learning strategies?
  • What is reflection and how does it relate to ‘thinking about thinking’?

Week 2

  • What are the most effective approaches for designing teaching?
  • What is cognitive load theory and why does it matter for teaching?
  • What does effective instruction actually look like?

Week 3

  • Why does validity matter?
  • Why is reliability important?
  • What frequently used assessment methods are there?

Week 4

  • What comprises ‘good’ feedback?
  • What does a ‘good’ feedback relationship mean?
  • Why is feedback utility important for learning?

Week 5

  • What is a curriculum statement?
  • What does constructive alignment mean?
  • What should educational governance mean for teachers?

Week 6

  • What is the impact of the teacher on the educational climate ‘in the room’?
  • What is ‘psychological safety’ and why is it important for teachers to know about it?
  • What is the influence of group dynamics on the learning environment?

Issued on 5th December 2020

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Developing Expert Educators for Healthcare Professions

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