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Successful Data Analysis for Modern Industries

CloudSwyft Global Systems, Inc.

While the fundamental skills of data analysis contain common patterns for every organization and industry, there are specific considerations when tackling data analyst work in context. This course is meant to give the aspiring data analyst deeper practice in specific organizational and industrial contexts so that they can be better prepared for the unique contexts they’ll find themselves in when doing work on the job.

2 weeks, 5 hours per week

Dann Angelo De Guzman

Founder & CEO

CloudSwyft Global Systems, Inc.

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Learning outcomes

  • Assessed data’s contexts and applications in specific industries and in organizational settings
  • Applied common data analyst techniques while adapting for unique scenarios
  • Engaged with different types of data
  • Evaluated different types of data analyst roles to see what data problems resonate


Over this course, you’ll look at:

  • Data analysis in context: You’ll unpack the economic and organisational factors behind data analysis in a variety of industries, and see why data needs to be cared for and analysed like any other resource
  • Data analysis for business: You’ll learn how business analysts use financial and marketing data to yield actionable insights, and how these insights, in turn, lead to tangible business improvements
  • Data analysis for education: You’ll get to explore the ways in which educational institutions track and utilise data about student enrollment, graduation rates, course and instructor ratings, degree types, demographics, and financial aid
  • Data analysis for healthcare: You’ll find out how analysts in the healthcare industry track patient experience, doctor quality, care quality, throughput in hospitals, inventory, costs, profit, and more
  • Data analysis for social good: To manage nonprofit or government organisations with social impact, many types of data are required. You’ll take a closer look at the data this industry tracks including large economic indicators, factors of happiness, food or donation programs, and health indicators
  • Data analysis careers: You’ll have a chance to look to your future as you learn what types of careers are available in the current data analytics world, as well as some of the jobs that might be available in the years to come

Issued on 23rd April 2024

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Successful Data Analysis for Modern Industries

CloudSwyft Global Systems, Inc.