Certificate of Achievement

Angélique Olivia Moreau

has completed the following course:

Ethics and Diversity in Fashion

Condé Nast College

The course also touched upon aspects of accountability, image retouching and representation of all people in fashion media as well as the emergence of more diverse fashion brands and the labour rights of those that work in the fashion industry.

3 weeks, 3 hours per week

Lisa Mann

Director of Postgraduate, Professional and Online Programmes

Condé Nast College

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Learning outcomes

  • Demonstrate an introductory understanding of the complex nature of ethics and diversity issues in the fashion industry.
  • Develop independent views and thoughts on ethics and diversity in the fashion industry.
  • Interpret insights into movements and consumer behaviours related to ethics and diversity in fashion communication.


  • Ethics & Diversity Issues in the Fashion Industry
  • Consumer Behaviour
  • Current Movements Surrounding Ethics & Diversity
  • Sustainability Practices for Luxury Brands

Issued on 1st April 2023

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Ethics and Diversity in Fashion

Condé Nast College