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Mary Templeman Hogg - O'Rourke

has completed the following course:

U.S. Anti-Black Racism

University of Connecticut

On this course, you’ve learned how racial prejudice is structurally, institutionally, and systemically rooted in American society. You’ve considered the ways racism was built into the structure of America and learned how race, racism, and anti-Black racism are conceptually connected to one another. You’ve also studied how racism continues to manifest itself organizationally in different institutions.

3 weeks, 3 hours per week

Dr. David G. Embrick

Associate Professor

University of Connecticut

Dr. Shardé M. Davis

Assistant Professor

University of Connecticut


Learning outcomes

  • Recognize what it means for race to be a socially constructed concept.
  • Recognize the difference between bigotry and individual prejudice, and racism as systemic and structural.
  • Recall how race, racism, and anti-Black racism conceptually connect to one another.
  • Discover how Black Americans are exposed to institutional and systemic anti-Black racism.
  • Reflect on the material and assess how the course material intersects with knowledge, beliefs, and personal experiences.
  • Discover the ways that racism manifests itself in various social institutions.


  • Introduction to U.S. Anti-Black Racism and Anti-Blackness
  • What is Race? The Social and Legal Construction of Race
  • What is Systemic Racism?
  • What is New Racism?
  • Institutional and Organizational Racism
  • Anti-Blackness, Space and Place

Issued on 2nd April 2021

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U.S. Anti-Black Racism

University of Connecticut