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Certificate of Achievement

Randal Oulton

has completed the following course:

Exploring English: Food and Culture

British Council

This course looked at British food and culture and used authentic video content to help improve English language skills.

4 weeks, 3 hours per week

Michael Bibby

English Global Product Manager

British Council


Learning outcomes

  • Explore contemporary UK food culture
  • Experiment with some recipes from the UK and beyond
  • Develop your listening skills as you watch authentic examples of people speaking English
  • Reflect on language in use
  • Develop language skills and practise using new language
  • Discuss UK eating habits from traditional dishes, to multicultural influences to veganism


The course looks at the role food plays in UK culture.

  • What is ‘traditional’ British food and what do people in contemporary UK actually eat?
  • UK restaurant culture. Explore the vibrant UK restaurant scene and look at the link between immigration to the UK and changing food culture.
  • Changing eating habits. Healthy eating and the rise in veganism and vegetarianism
  • How to cook some traditional British dishes
  • Regional variety. Some traditional foods from the different parts of the UK
  • Special occasions. What do British people eat at special times of the year?

Issued on 28th July 2021

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Exploring English: Food and Culture

British Council