Certificate of Achievement

Mary Templeman Hogg - O'Rourke

has completed the following course:

Researching Risk, Disasters and Emergencies

Coventry University

This course explored how can we help other people before and or during disasters, how we can improve water and sanitary facilities in refugee camps and how can drones and virtual reality technologies help with emergency response exercises. Finally we looked at how to design, prepare and carry out research into these and other areas.

2 weeks, 3 hours per week


Yung-Fang Chen

Senior Lecturer in Disaster Management & Emergency Planning

Coventry University


Learning outcomes

  • Explore what research is and why it is important
  • Explore the research process
  • Develop and derive a suitable research question
  • Explore how to utilise library resources for research
  • Compare effective research strategies
  • Summarise and effectively review literature


  • The wider research process
  • How to identify a meaningful title
  • Writing an effective literature review
  • Choosing the best data collection methods
  • Research ethics issues

Issued on 17th June 2019

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Researching Risk, Disasters and Emergencies

Coventry University