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Certificate of Achievement

Randal Oulton

has completed the following course:

End of Life Care: Challenges and Innovation

The University of Glasgow

This online course explored patterns and trends in end of life care and changes in the cultural aspects of death and dying around the world. Drawing on perspectives from the social sciences, it highlighted major end of life challenges – and some of the solutions that are being developed.

3 weeks, 4 hours per week

Dr Naomi Richards

Director of the Glasgow End of Life Studies Group

The University of Glasgow


Learning outcomes

  • Remember key elements and discussions in the end of life care challenges that are being faced around the world, including important metrics
  • Understand the implications of these issues, debates and metrics for policy making, service organisation, clinical practice and public involvement
  • Apply these understandings to specific situations with which learners will be presented in the course materials – through specific micro-case studies – and sharing their own experiences and ideas in discussion with others
  • Analyse current debates on end of life care in ways which lead to comparisons between different settings
  • Evaluate and make critical judgements based on research evidence about existing and new approaches to end of life care and potential solutions to problems identified
  • Create new scenarios for future end of life care based on an analysis of needs, conflicting debates, best practice and the potential for innovation


  • Defining dying and end of life
  • ‘Good’ and ‘bad’ dying
  • Hospital care at the end of life
  • How communities around the world are creating new ways to deliver palliative care for people with chronic and terminal illnesses – the example of Kerala, in India
  • How ‘compassionate communities’ are forming to work alongside service providers to meet the challenges of loneliness, isolation and the experience of ‘social death’ – the example of Clydebank, in Scotland
  • Examining the fast growing world-wide interest in the movement known as ‘Death Café’
  • Many people want to take direct control over how they die. Where is assisted dying legal and what are its implications – for the meaning of death, the practice of palliative care and the ‘right to choose’?
  • Rational suicide – an emerging response to the desire for direct control over the manner of one’s death, especially among older people
  • How modern individuals seek to ‘curate’ their dying process and the rituals that follow it

Issued on 18th July 2022

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End of Life Care: Challenges and Innovation

The University of Glasgow