Certificate of Achievement

Victor Miti

has completed the following course:

Business Problems and Software Solutions

Deakin University

This online course explored how to overcome real-world business challenges with software solutions. Learners examined the importance of software in solving real-world business problems by looking at systems analysis and how it can be used to identify the root causes of business problems.

2 weeks, 3 hours per week

Dr Thanh Nugyen

Lead Educator

Deakin University

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Learning outcomes

  • Explore business domains and identify causes of pain for customers
  • Apply modelling techniques to refine the requirements of a system
  • Identify and describe the various types of software requirements
  • Explain the role of requirements analysis in software projects


  • business and requirements analysis
  • determining system boundaries
  • modelling requirements

Issued on 30th June 2020

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Business Problems and Software Solutions

Deakin University