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Angélique Olivia Moreau

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Digital Fashion Media

Condé Nast College

This course also touched upon what the future might be for fashion media and how fashion brands will continue to work with influencers to engage their audiences both old and new.

3 weeks, 3 hours per week

Lisa Mann

Director of Postgraduate, Professional and Online Programmes

Condé Nast College

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Learning outcomes

  • Develop an introductory understanding of the digital media methods and strategies utilised by fashion brands.
  • Investigate how fashion brands create storytelling through digital media.
  • Reflect on how digital media campaigns are created for fashion brands.


  • Introduction to Digital Marketing and Branding Strategies
  • Evolution of Content Creation for Fashion Brands
  • An Overview of Digital Storytelling
  • Social Media Strategy and the Role of Influencers for Fashion Brands

Issued on 13th May 2023

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Digital Fashion Media

Condé Nast College