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Certificate of Achievement

Randal Oulton

has completed the following course:

Science Communication and Public Engagement

EIT Food and University of Turin

This online course explored how the relationship between society and science has evolved over time, and how traditional and social media can be used to share research. The course covered topics such as the importance of science communication, how to transform a message into a story, and the relationship between scientists and journalists.

3 weeks, 2 hours per week

Dr. Maarten van der Kamp

Director of education

EIT Food

Prof. Katiuscia Sacco

Professor, Department of Psychology

University of Turin


Learning outcomes

  • Design small-scale public science communication events
  • Reflect on the role of traditional and social media in the communication of science
  • Improve your science communication activities by clearly identifying the target audiences, messages and stories


  • Why is science communication important?
  • Defining a message and the intended audience
  • Going from the message to a story
  • Small-scale public science dissemination events
  • The relationship between scientists and journalists

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Issued on 31st August 2020

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Science Communication and Public Engagement

EIT Food