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Aedrian Abrilla

has completed the following course:

Global Biosecurity for One Health

Murdoch University

Global Biosecurity explored the importance of protecting human, animal and environmental health from pests and diseases, as well as current activities and collaborative networks that do so.

3 weeks, 6 hours per week

Dr Kirsty Bayliss

School of Veterinary and Life Sciences

Murdoch University

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Learning outcomes

  • Describe key biosecurity concepts and terminology
  • Explain the environmental, economic and social drivers that underpin biosecurity
  • Collect and analyse information on the impact pests and diseases are having around the world
  • Describe common biosecurity activities
  • Discuss the relationship between biosecurity and global trade
  • Summarise how biosecurity can protect human, animal and environmental health


  • What is biosecurity
  • Why we need biosecurity
  • What drives biosecurity
  • Terminology
  • Impact of outbreaks
  • One Health and biosecurity
  • Citizen scientists
  • Promoting biosecurity in the community
  • Government and industry approaches to biosecurity
  • Communicating incursions and outbreaks

Issued on 23rd June 2020

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Global Biosecurity for One Health

Murdoch University