Certificate of Achievement

Eleanor Dangerfield

has completed the following course:

Volunteering with Refugees

Cambridge University Press & Assessment and Crisis Classroom

Participants considered the diverse linguistic and cultural backgrounds of refugees. They explored key needs and discussed how volunteers can support refugees through appropriate informal as well as more formal interactions. A key focus was understanding trauma and how to identify and support refugees suffering its effects. The course included a focus on effective communication skills as well as supportive strategies and a range of resources to help refugees develop competence in a new language.

3 weeks, 4 hours per week

Monica Poulter

Teacher Development Manager

Cambridge University Press & Assessment

Kate McAllister


Crisis Classroom


Learning outcomes

  • Discuss key linguistic and social needs of refugees in a range of contexts
  • Identify activities for interacting with refugees
  • Identify and describe behaviours associated with trauma
  • Design psychosocially protective activities to help refugees feel comfortable with learning
  • Evaluate a range of teaching strategies and approaches for supporting language development
  • Explore a range of resources for language teaching and refugee support


  • Refugees' contexts and needs
  • Linguistic and cultural differences
  • Building relationships: topics and activities

  • The Crisis Classroom
  • Understanding and working with trauma
  • Using the Crisis Classroom Framework

  • Structuring learning
  • Supporting learning
  • Resources for language learning and refugee support
  • Issued on 2nd April 2018

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    Volunteering with Refugees

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