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Philip Knight

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Earth Observation from Space: the Optical View

European Space Agency

This online course focused on the role of optical Earth observation satellite technology and data in monitoring various aspects of the Earth system and human interaction with it. It explored how satellite data is acquired and used, the range of data types available, and the terminology and techniques involved, and looked in-depth at diverse applications including in climate science, humanitarian relief, land cover change, urban development, agriculture, and the oceans.

5 weeks, 3 hours per week


Dr Mat Disney

Reader in Remote Sensing, Department of Geography, UCL

NERC National Centre for Earth Observation (NCEO)

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Learning outcomes

  • Explore how we observe and measure the Earth with optical sensors.
  • Investigate how satellite data is used alongside other forms of measurement.
  • Describe the main types of data acquired through Copernicus and other missions.
  • Explore how to conduct simple analysis using a range of different types of optical Earth observation (EO) data.
  • Investigate how optical EO data is used in policy and decision-making, in a range of arenas, in conjunction with models.


  • Optical EO technology, terminology and the types of data products available
  • The use of optical EO to observe, measure and conserve the land surface and what lives on it
  • Monitoring the atmosphere and oceans with satellite EO technology
  • Monitoring rapid changes, natural disasters and humanitarian issues
  • How to access, process and work with optical EO data
  • How satellite data is used alongside other forms of measurement
  • The main types of data acquired through the Copernicus programme and other satellite missions
  • The use of optical EO data in a range of scientific, policy and decision-making areas, in conjunction with models

Issued on 29th November 2017

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Earth Observation from Space: the Optical View

European Space Agency