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Certificate of Achievement

Randal Oulton

has completed the following course:

Photographing the Holocaust

The University of Nottingham

Learners studied how photography shapes understandings and misunderstandings of the Holocaust. They learnt to read photos as evidence, and to distinguish photos taken by perpetrators and victims. They honed their critical visual literacy, and applied lessons to contemporary photos of suffering.

3 weeks, 5 hours per week

Maiken Umbach

Professor of Modern History,

The University of Nottingham

Claudia Reese

Senior Researcher,

National Holocaust Centre and Museum


Learning outcomes

  • Apply historical knowledge to contemporary political challenges
  • Assess photography as a source of information and tackle visual bias
  • Compare photography by perpetrators and victims of violence and persecution
  • Evaluate visual and written sources about National Socialism
  • Explore the role of different media, including texts, images, art and immersive technologies in Holocaust commemoration and learning


  • What did Nazism mean for individuals?
  • How did they experience the dictatorship, how did they interpret, respond to or make use of its ideology?
  • Who took photos in Germany at that time, and why did they take them?
  • How did ordinary people engage with official visual culture?

Issued on 29th October 2021

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Photographing the Holocaust

The University of Nottingham