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Olga Stognieva

has completed the following course:

Exploring the World of English Language Teaching

Cambridge University Press & Assessment

This free online course provided participants with an initial insight into the key topics in ELT. Videos and articles provided an introduction to areas of English language teaching, such as different types of learners, teaching strategies, language systems, communication skills; resources and activities teachers use in the classroom; and different training options to start a career in English language teaching.

6 weeks, 2 hours per week

Monica Poulter

Teacher Development Manager

Cambridge University Press & Assessment

Marie Therese Swabey

Teaching Qualifications Consultant

Cambridge University Press & Assessment

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Learning outcomes

  • Identify ELT terminology
  • Engage with key topics in ELT
  • Evaluate a variety of ELT teaching and learning materials
  • Discuss different types of learners
  • Identify classroom management techniques
  • Explore language systems and language skills
  • Apply practical ideas about materials and activities for future use with learners
  • Evaluate training options


Teaching contexts

  • Places to teach
  • Types of classes
  • Motivations for learning English
  • Learners and the learning context
  • Different types of learners
  • Ways to motivate learners
  • Classroom management
  • Classroom language

Language skills: reading, listening, speaking, writing

  • Basic concepts and terminology used for describing communication skills; reading, listening, speaking and writing
  • Potential barriers to acquiring communication skills and suggestions for helping learners overcome them

Language analysis and awareness

  • Basic concepts and terminology used in ELT for describing language; grammar, vocabulary and pronunciation
  • Potential barriers to learning language and suggestions for helping learners overcome them

Using resources

  • Published resources
  • Authentic materials
  • Realia
  • Digital tools
  • Issues relating to selecting materials

Becoming an English language teacher

  • Qualities of an English language teacher
  • Different training options
  • Preparing for a CELTA course


  • Terminology relating to ELT

Issued on 20th December 2016

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Free online course:

Exploring the World of English Language Teaching

Cambridge University Press & Assessment