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Certificate of Achievement

Randal Oulton

has completed the following course:

Demystifying Targeted Cancer Treatments

Cancer Research UK

This online course drew on the knowledge of experts in the field of cancer research to demystify the science behind targeted treatments and immunotherapies. The course explored a wide range of targeted treatments and immunotherapies and participants developed a deeper understanding of how they work and the patients they benefit. Participants discussed topics relating to patient care and communication, and learned about the future promise of targeted cancer treatments and immunotherapies.

5 weeks, 3 hours per week

Anne Croudass

Lead Research Nurse

Cancer Research UK


Learning outcomes

  • Understand the science behind targeted cancer treatments and how they work
  • Improve confidence in communicating to patients and colleagues about targeted cancer treatments, immunotherapy and biomarkers
  • Appreciate why so called 'targeted treatments' cause side effects and understand how they impact patients’ quality of life
  • Recognise some of the current challenges and future potential of targeted cancer treatments


  • What are targeted treatments and how are they used today
  • Biological concepts behind targeted cancer treatments and immunotherapies
  • Principles of cell communication and cancer
  • Treatments for solid tumours that block cell communication pathways (monoclonal antibodies and kinase inhibitors)
  • Communicating to patients about targeted cancer treatments
  • Side effects of treatments and how they impact patients’ quality of life
  • The unique properties of blood cancers and the targeted therapies used to treat them
  • The relationship between cancer and the immune system
  • Various immunotherapy strategies including checkpoint inhibitors, CAR-modified T cells and cancer treatment vaccines
  • How immunotherapy is reported in the news and managing patient expectations of treatment
  • The challenges of drug resistance and the implementation of biomarker tests
  • The future of targeted cancer treatments

Issued on 2nd November 2022

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Demystifying Targeted Cancer Treatments

Cancer Research UK