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Randal Oulton

has completed the following course:

Trust in Our Food: Understanding Food Supply Systems

EIT Food and University of Reading

This online course explored the challenges and responsibilities of different people in the food system, including the role of the consumer. It assessed the information available to consumers relating to issues of food safety, nutrition and quality, sustainability of production methods and how these affect consumer trust.

4 weeks, 3 hours per week

Maarten van der Kamp

Director of Education

EIT Food

Alice Mauchline

Senior Research Fellow

University of Reading


Learning outcomes

  • Describe the complexity of the global food system and the issues that affect consumer trust in food
  • Explain the key factors involved in food safety
  • Critically evaluate different sources of nutritional information
  • Explore the different food labels that provide assurances to consumers
  • Reflect on the role of the consumer in influencing the food supply system


  • The global food supply system and the general principles behind food production and consumption
  • Factors that influence consumer trust and the information sources available
  • Case study examples that explore key consumer concerns; Food safety, Nutrition and quality of our food and Sustainable and ethical food production
  • Consideration of the role of the consumer and engagement with innovation in the food sector

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Issued on 22nd January 2021

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Trust in Our Food: Understanding Food Supply Systems

EIT Food