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Olaoluwa Oluwapelumi Tabitha

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Digital Skills: Mobile


In 2016, mobile use overtook desktop use. This course explored the meaning of mobile technology and its growth and benefits. It provided an introduction to mobile design concepts and development approaches, and outlined the seven principles underpinning the design of an effective mobile application. The concept of the Internet of Things (IOT) was also explained, including the associated benefits and challenges.

2 weeks, 2 hours per week

Camilla Drejer

Managing Director for UKI Responsible Business & Citizenship


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Learning outcomes

  • Describe what mobility is in the context of digital
  • Describe the growth of mobility and benefits associated with it
  • Describe what mobile design is, including concepts such as wireframes
  • Identify seven principles of good mobile app design and the importance of effective design
  • Describe what the 'Internet of Things' is and some of the benefits associated with it
  • Identify security risks related to the 'Internet of Things'


Week 1: The rise in mobile technology

  • What is mobility?
  • The benefits of mobility
  • Mobile technology growth
  • Wearable technology

Week 2: Mobility in practice

  • Mobile design principles
  • Building mobility - core development approaches
  • The Internet of Things

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Issued on 13th July 2022

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