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Learn How to Bake with BBC Good Food

BBC Good Food

The classes allowed the learner to become more comfortable with ingredients and techniques. It involved taste texture investigations, equipment and ingredient know-how and how to anticipate and eliminate potential failure points. Furthermore students learned practical recipes to deepen the theoretical knowledge with practical examples. The course also covered how to read & amend a recipe, what to look for in ingredients, bakeware and kitchen equipment tips, and how to taste.

5 weeks, 3 hours per week

Cassie Best

Food Director

BBC Good Food

Lulu Grimes

Managing Editor

BBC Good Food


Learning outcomes

  • Describe the techniques used in cooking, and in particular baking.
  • Investigate the behaviours that they will create around them as they cook, the cultural role that baking plays in life and how to become better cooks.
  • Research and compare recipes that they want to try, they will learn to evaluate what makes a good set of instructions.
  • Interpret or "read" a recipe to see if it is workable, and to annotate it to improve it
  • Explore new flavours and experiment with different ingredients and be brave when cooking
  • Reflect on failure if it happens, assess possible causes and modify techniques.
  • Produce baked goods throughout the course will therefore test the theory


Beginner baking covers the techniques, skills and baking science that will help you improve your baking.

  • Week 1 - How to make the lightest, airiest sponge cake
  • Week 2 - Make an easy white bread dough that can be used as a loaf, rolls or pizza bases
  • Week 3 - The secrets of crisp, tender shortcrust pastry tarts
  • Week 4 - Fail-safe methods for making meringues
  • Week 5 - How to use chocolate in recipes and the best ever brownie recipe.

Each class involves a taste or texture investigation, tips on the best equipment to use, and a look at how to choose ingredients. Plus we teach you to evaluate new recipes and anticipate and eliminate potential failure points.

Each class ends with a recipe to make and supplemental recipes to grow your baking repertoire. We will help you every step of the way.

Issued on 27th June 2021

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Learn How to Bake with BBC Good Food

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