Certificate of Achievement

Mary Templeman Hogg - O'Rourke

has completed the following course:

An Introduction to Cryptography

Coventry University

You will have discovered how cryptography secures communications throughout history and how cryptanalysis drives the development of ever more secure ciphers. The underlying mathematics will have been illustrated along the way. Symmetric and asymmetric cryptography will have been investigated before moving on to modern cryptosystems underlying much of modern-day life on-line. As part of this program you will also have explored the future of cryptography.

2 weeks, 6 hours per week


James Shuttleworth

Principal Lecturer in Cyber Security

Coventry University

Derrick Newton

Lecturer in Computer Science

Coventry University


Learning outcomes

  • Explain the concepts used in early substitution and translation ciphers
  • Apply cryptanalysis methods to simple ciphers
  • Assess simple cryptographic methods from a practical and theoretical viewpoint
  • Describe the concepts of entropy, pseudorandomness and unicity
  • Demonstrate the use of hashing, salt and nonces in a variety of applications


  • Mathematical concepts underpinning cryptography
  • Classical cryptography and historical ciphers
  • Basics of cryptanalysis
  • Random number generation
  • Hashing

Issued on 27th May 2019

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An Introduction to Cryptography

Coventry University