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Mary Templeman Hogg - O'Rourke

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Perioperative Medicine in Action

UCL (University College London)

An exploration of perioperative medicine, with consideration of what it is, why it matters, and how you can improve care for the high-risk surgical patient.

4 weeks, 3 hours per week


Dr Abigail Whiteman

Consultant in Anaesthesia, UCLH, and Honorary Senior Lecturer, UCL Division of Surgery & Interventional Science

UCL (University College London)

Dr Philip Sherrard

Senior Registrar in Anaesthetics and Education Fellow in Perioperative Medicine at UCLH

UCL (University College London)


Learning outcomes

  • Justify the need for better, more holistic care for the high risk surgical patient, to improve outcomes and reduce healthcare costs.
  • Engage with risk assessment tools to characterise and quantify the risk of an individual undergoing a particular procedure.
  • Demonstrate the need for protocolised care pathways and evaluate the success of the enhanced recovery programmes in reducing variance in practice.
  • Describe the major challenges in delivering perioperative medicine for the elderly.
  • Discuss the current economic pressure on healthcare systems and how perioperative medicine can be used to reduce these pressures.


Week 1: The surgical epidemic

  • Defining the high-risk surgical patient and the need to change the way we care for them
  • An introduction to perioperative medicine and the Royal College of Anaesthetists vision for improved perioperative care
  • New perioperative care pathways

Week 2: Risk assessment and shared decision-making?

  • The role of risk assessment and risk assessment tools including cardiopulmonary exercise testing and risk scoring systems
  • Shared decision-making: what it is, why it is so important and how to achieve it.

Week 3: Protocols in surgical care

  • The principles of enhanced recovery
  • How healthcare professionals and patients can engage with protocols
  • Protocols in the care of the emergency surgical patient

Week 4: An age old problem

  • The unique perioperative problems of the elderly
  • How to improve perioperative care for the elderly
  • The current economic climate and how perioperative medicine is the value proposition

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Issued on 17th January 2022

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Perioperative Medicine in Action

UCL (University College London)