Certificate of Achievement

Mary Templeman Hogg - O'Rourke

has completed the following course:

Visualizing Women's Work: Using Art Media for Social Justice

University of Michigan

The course examined global and local erasures of women’s work, both compensated and uncompensated, across identities and eras. Learners engaged with visual art in public spaces to examine how choices of who is represented perpetuates cultural norms of gender inequality. Learners further gained insight into the artistic process, how the power and validity of art/design can address issues of social justice, and the role of research in creative practice.

4 weeks, 3 hours per week


Melanie Manos

Lecturer II, Penny W. Stamps School of Art & Design

University of Michigan


Learning outcomes

  • Describe the role of gender bias in historical public art and design and how it perpetuates cultural norms of gender inequity (e.g., definitions of "work")
  • Evaluate publicly displayed visual markers and monuments in terms of form, content, and context
  • Identify and interpret existing art-based social justice projects in a variety of media, including site/place-specific work and web-based initiatives
  • Investigate visual/aural methods for countering historical erasure
  • Develop creative strategies for responding to gender bias in public commemoration and other social justice issues


  • Foundations in visual literacy and interpretation
  • The role of research in art practices
  • Art as seen through the lens of social justice
  • Insight into gender bias as part of social justice, both socially and culturally
  • Women’s work in public visual and historical culture

Issued on 7th October 2021

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Visualizing Women's Work: Using Art Media for Social Justice

University of Michigan