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Introduction to SPSS

Now that you have downloaded SPSS and read the introductory material provided by SIGMA, you can now receive further training available to you at Coventry University.

As a student of Coventry University you have access to the training website provided by Linkedin. From here you have access to many opportunities for further training particularly in the use of computer based tools.

To log into the site you should use your Coventry University email address and password.

We have provided you with a selection of Lynda videos in the form of a playlist to help further guide you through the initial stages of learning to use SPSS.

By following these tutorials you will discover how to:

  • load data

  • calculate the mean, mode and median

  • calculate a Pearsons correlation on you data

Your task

Watch the videos provided by

You may also find that you become more accustomed to the software by following along with the lessons using the tutorial data provided with the package.

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Quantitative Research Methods and Contemporary Issues

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