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Skip to 0 minutes and 11 seconds If you had a question or concern about academic freedom on your campus, would you know who to talk to? What would happen if you raised it? This week, we’ll talk about tools that you can use to build dialogue on your campus about academic freedom and how to respond to incidents. What is important here, is to be proactive. If we start to talk about academic freedom before an issue has arisen, then it will help us to build a better vocabulary and better tools to establish trust. Because that takes time, we’ll also give you tools for assessing incidents when they arise, hopefully, giving you the power to get to better responses.

Skip to 0 minutes and 54 seconds With your help and your comments, we will be able to develop a variety of responses in our menu.

Introduction to Week 3

Welcome to Week 3!

This week we will discuss how you can contribute to promoting higher education core values in your community, institution and partnerships.

We will focus on how to be proactive to avoid values-related conflicts and incidents.

But we will also discuss how you can be thoughtful when assessing and responding to such incidents when they happen.

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Dangerous Questions: Why Academic Freedom Matters

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