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Plan and teach

In week 2 we introduced these ideas as a focus for pre-teach sessions:

Teachers identify what will allow the children to access the mathematics in the lesson. This could involve; - Explaining how the lesson is going to start. - Introducing a new topic. - Exploring new contexts and contextual resources. - Using images/resources. - Exploring and rehearsing language. - Revisiting prior learning.

Now for your next pre-teaching session!

What will be your focus? How will this help your focus learners access the learning in the class lesson?

Anticipate what the focus learners might say or do the class lesson which is worth noticing. You can then decide whether to use these as opportunities to assign competence.

Reflect and share what happened and how you assigned competence to them in the class lesson. What was the impact of this on the focus learners and the other learners in the class?

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