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Skip to 0 minutes and 0 secondsWelcome to week two of Babcock LDP's course equity in education supporting active participation in lessons. During week one you chose three focus learners and thought about their learning behaviours, barriers to learning and your vision for them. You went away to observe them in a lesson to further inform your understanding of them as learners. You may have also read the research project report and the pre teaching experience of an elementary teacher in the US. This week we will be exploring pre teaching in depth and preparing you to use this strategy with your focus learners.

Skip to 0 minutes and 34 secondsYou will need the article changing lives and providing equity through pre teaching and assigning competence from week one the pen portraits of your focus learners, your teaching time table and your reflective journal.

Welcome to week 2

This week we are focusing on developing your understanding of pre-teaching and planning a session for your focus learners. You will need the article: ‘Changing lives and providing equity through pre-teaching and assigning competence’ from Week 1 (also available to download again below), the pen portraits of your focus learners and your teaching timetable to hand.

Here is a reminder of the key findings from our research project:

  • Pre-teaching was most effective when run by the class teacher

  • Pre-teaching and assigning competence maximise learning in lessons 
  • Pre-teaching and assigning competence have a positive impact on children’s confidence in themselves as mathematical thinkers

  • Pre-teaching can have different structures and focus on different things 
  • Assigning competence is a powerful tool but can be more challenging for teachers to use effectively

Reflect and share

If you haven’t done so already, reflect in your journal why you chose your focus learners. Share your comments and thoughts below.

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