Do it yourself!

First install two packages using the Package Manager:

  • the tigerjython package
  • the jfreechartOffscreenRenderer package

Note: tigerjython is not yet compatible with Java 9 or later Java versions. When you installed Weka, if you downloaded a self-extracting archive that included Java, it will have been Java 8; no problems. However, if you normally run Weka under Java 9 or later you will have to temporarily use Java 8.

Then create an environment variable called MOOC_DATA that points to your Weka data files folder:

  • On Windows, Peter right-clicked on This PC and selected Properties to get the Control Panel, then Advanced system settings, then Environment Variables. Click New… and type in the variable name and value.
  • On the Mac, you can install envPane in your Preferences, which makes it easy to set environment variables.

Here’s Peter’s script for loading and filtering data:

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