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The course structure

Every activity contains some steps where Francis explains the main topic: You can access a copy of the slides used in the video in the PDF file at the bottom of these step.

Correspondingly to each activity you’ll find a “It’s your turn” step with some exercises and a video where Alberto or Carlo show you their way to solve most of them.

In It’s your turn steps take care to wait before watching the initial video: We suggest to proceed as follows:

1) Look at the text of the exercises below the video

2) Try to solve the exercises: it is very important that you try as much as you can to solve yourself the exercises, or discussing the solutions with the other learners, before you watch the video.

In any case, you’ll find a PDF file with the solutions to all the exercises at the bottom of each step.

In the video solutions, if you have any trouble reading the handwriting on the board, don’t worry – you can always follow along in the transcript and in the attached PDF file.

At the end of each activity and week you’ll find some quizzes suggested by Francesco and Valentina: their solution appears in the feedback of the correct answer.

For those who upgrade the course a final test is suggested at the end of every week and at the end of the course.

Have a nice time with us!

Francis, Alberto, Carlo, Francesco, Valentina

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