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From Discovering User Stories to Writing Them

During Week 3 you learned how to create software that meets users’ need, and how that begins with understanding that user–and user stories are a tool that helps teams understand the end-user perspective. The agile user story is the focal point for just about everything that follows. This is where we diagnose what we think we should do for the user and why, and how we’ll know if we did something relevant (or created waste). You learned how to conduct effective, efficient discovery, from creating an interview guide to interviewing users. You completed the week by creating Google AdWords-ready copy and drafting your personas, problem scenarios and alternatives.

During Week 4, now that you’ve “discovered” your user, you’ll write your user story–and you’ll make it great by layering in details. In this module, you’ll learn to create detailed, specific user stories to anchor your project.

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