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Filming David Owen Norris playing Turning Points

Agincourt in Music

In this step, the composer Professor David Owen Norris describes the creation of his piece ‘Turning Points’ which references aspects of Agincourt history.

‘Turning Points’ is an innovative composition highlighting milestones on the road to democracy. It includes the words of famous orators set to music; folk songs and ballads and other traditional themes. It is performed by orchestra, choir, children’s choir, soloists, electric guitars and brass band. It has been performed three times in London and Southampton.

Hear David Owen Norris talking about ‘Turning Points’

David Owen Norris’s piece ‘Turning Points’ is about the journey towards achieving democracy. He uses Agincourt as an example of an early occasion when the King had to petition parliament to finance a campaign of war. What do you think of his use of Agincourt as a milestone on the road to democracy? Are there other aspects of the Agincourt campaign which highlight democratic processes and values?

Tell us what you know about Agincourt in music. Can you find references to the battle in other songs and pieces of music?

Further information

Hear an extract from Turning Points on David Owen Norris’s website. You can also find more information about Turning Points and discover more about planned performances.

To the barricades! Why rhythm is the heartbeat of revolution. This article from the Guardian newspaper gives more details about David’s composition.

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