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Hacking Hackathons: Preparing the Next Generation for the Multidisciplinary World of Healthcare Technology

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In this article, the study group hopes to use Hackathons to find new light in healthcare technology. The group aims to explore learning experiences during a healthcare hackathon.

Since machine learning in healthcare requires complex interactions with multidisciplinary knowledge. Healthcare hackathons can be an easy method as a model for cross-disciplinary collaboration and learning. As a result, Healthcare hackathons are increasing.

In this study, the group interviewed 8 high school students who participated in the hackathon participate to join this study. And the result, three major themes emerged from the data: (1) Collaboration, (2) Transferable knowledge and skills, and (3) Expectations about hackathons. These findings have implications for future hackathons and can be used for further research into using the hackathon model as an educational experience for learners of all ages.

Have you ever participate in any type of healthcare hackathons? Does this study method inspire you any new application in technology applied in healthcare? Which part of these hackathons do you think can be derived as a model for the hospital to use in healthcare? If we use these models to different subjects, researchers for example, how do you think they can break its current limitation now?

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