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Skip to 0 minutes and 14 secondsHello, everyone. Today we are going to learn about Pooling patient data around the world course. Myself is Dr. Usman Iqbal and I'm currently faculty as an assistant professor working at Global Health Department at the College of Public Health at Taipei Medical University. I'm also digital health consultant and principal investigator at ICHIT center Taipei Medical University. Besides, I'm also fellow of at Royal Society of Public Health. And Australia Australian College of health informatics and the Australian College of Health Services and management.

Skip to 0 minutes and 49 secondsI'm also a committee member for standard and Practice, International Health Literacy Association (IHLA) and also an editor for the International Journal for Quality in health care, computer method and programs in biomedicine, and general clinical cancer informatics from American Society of Clinical Oncology. So in this course, the participants will able to learn about articulate the importance of data sharing among different countries. Plus, to describe "my data my decision" which is a really nice slogan. the importance of observational health data sharing for research determining concerns and obstacles related to the data sharing and recognizing the significance of standards data format, tools and attribution.

Welcome to this Course

Welcome to this course. Professor Usman Iqbal will start to introduce you to this course’s educators and the main topics.

Welcome to meet our educator:

Usman Iqbal

Usman Iqbal Global Health & Development Dept., College of Public,Taipei Medical University. Digital Health Consultant & Principal Investigator, International Center for Health Information Technology (ICHIT), Taipei Medical University.

Dr. Leo Anthony Celi

Dr. Leo Anthony Celi Principal Research Scientist /IMES, MIT

Dr. Yu-Chuan (Jack) Li

Dr. Yu-Chuan (Jack) Li Distinguished Professor and Dean, College of Medical Science and Technology, Graduate Institute of Biomedical Informatics, Taipei Medical University, Taiwan Director, International Center for Health Information Technology (ICHIT), Taipei Medical University.

Dr. Johanna Westbrook

Dr. Johanna Westbrook Professor and Director, the Centre for Health Systems and Safety Research (CHSSR), Australian Institute of Health Innovation (AIHI), Macquarie University, Australia

Dr. Rae Woong Park

Dr. Rae Woong Park Professor and Dean, Department of Biomedical Informatics, Ajou University School of Medicine, South Korea

Dr. Seng Chan You

Dr. Seng Chan You Medical Doctor, Department of Biomedical Informatics, Ajou University, South Korea

Dr. Martijn Schuemie

Dr. Martijn Schuemie Director, Epidemiology Analytics, Janssen Research and Development, U.S.

They will present a great talk to discuss how data sharing in healthcare has the potential to improve medical outcomes all over the world.

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